How many solar panels and batteries are needed?

This question can be answered by Sunny off-grid.

Many people want to build an off-grid solar power system, which is not interconnected with the electric power grid, but are worried that the batteries will discharge when the weather is bad. Sunny off-grid knows how to size your off-grid solar PV system properly.

Sunny off-grid helps you dimensioning your off-grid solar power system

Sunny off-grid helps you calculate how many solar panels and batteries you need for your off-grid solar power system. Click here to read more about how it works.

Gives you better chances to find an affordable offer

It’s not easy to find the most affordable option for your solar power system when many solar installer companies only present package prices for their services. The package price may include the system dimensioning, the solar cells, other electrical components, freight costs, the installation work and possibly even more items or services. This makes it hard for the customer to estimate whether the cost is reasonable. By first ordering a dimensioning service from Sunny off-grid it becomes possible for you to personally check material costs for solar panels, batteries and other components individually. Then you can place an order yourself for the equipment you need and thereby get a better price.